Live Life


No Limits


through his

charismatic life,

heartfelt artwork

and motivational products,

he exemplifies

his God-given passion to  change his world

one brush-stroke at a time.


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as a local TV news story

goes national! 


Andy's Portfolio

Jesus Nebula canvas
Hand of God canvas
Eye of God canvas
Heart of God canvas
Enter In canvas
River of Life canvas
Heaven Invades Earth Canvas
River of Life Chair
Garden rocker
Tree of Life
Tree of Life up close
Painting the Tree of Life
Nana's Garden
Eternity Chair
Four Seasons Chair
Four Seasons back
Garden Chair
Family Chair
Peacock Chair
Peacock Chair up close
Peacock Chair back
River of Life_edited
Sacrifice Chair 1 and canvas
Buffalo Checks
Sacrifice Chair 2
Sacrifice Chair 3
Shooting Stars
Wings sm
Heavens Declare
Heavens Declare 2
Mini Galaxy Chair
God of Glory Thunders
Peacock Canvas
The Whirlwinds
Sacrifice canvas
The Patriot_edited

Andy's Emporium


Andy's Custom Apparel

Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Caps and other apparel custom-created by Andy, with his signature handwriting.


Available Artwork 

 NOW on Etsy!

Andy's chairs, canvases and other exclusive artwork currently available for purchase through Etsy!

DixieBell logo.jpg

Andy's Paint Recommendation 

As a Brand Ambassador for Dixie Bell Paint Company, Andy exclusively uses their products for all his artwork.   Andy is financially compensated for purchases made through this link.


Andy's Philathropy & Chair-ity

Andy's desire is to create works of art that speak what is in his heart.  Much of his work is donated to raise money for disabled veterans.  His paintings, chairs, apparel, and financial contributions can be found in a growing number of incredible organizations such as Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc., and the Lone Survivor Foundation.  Andy's older brother, Tony - a disabled veteran - has been the inspiration behind his patriot artwork and growing contributions, in an effort to bring healing to the amazing men and women who have sacrificed for our nation's freedom.   

The Wilson Law Firm

 in Little Rock, Arkansas houses

Andy's Sacrifice

chair and painting to honor the many veterans and their families

they so proudly serve.

The Lone Survivor Foundation's

family retreat center in Texas

houses Andy's Sacrifice rocker

and painting.  The Foundation serves

to bring healing to veterans and their families suffering from PTSD.


Carolyn's Blog (Andy's Mom)

Where it All Began

October 7, 1998 began as a beautiful and exciting Autumn day, as Bill and I called the midwife and let her know I had begun contractions...
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